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Is there a better way to resolve the gay marriage debate?

Is it possible to find a better way to approach the debate over gay marriage?
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Responding to unjust treatment (6 truths)

I can tell you from personal experience that it is an amazing experience to be set free from the animosity that leads to revenge. Of course, it can be a painful and prolonged process when you suffer unjustly. Yet it … Continue reading

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A closer look at love

Relationships are miserable when love is absent. But is there an objective way to identify true love?  Love defined The fourteen qualities of love in First Corinthians thirteen offer the best available description of love known to humans. This text remains one of … Continue reading

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Judge not, lest you be judged.

What exactly did Jesus mean when he spoke these words?
Was he advocating a mind your own business policy?
Was he forbidding all judgments about the actions of others? Continue reading

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If only gay marriage was all they wanted

Gay marraige is only a foot in the door to a much larger agenda. Continue reading

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A senseless act?

What are we saying when we call an act senseless or inappropriate or a lapse in judgment? And how does this relate to teaching about sin? Continue reading

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Christians, politics and public policy

Although I don’t agree with all of his conclusions, I appreciate the way Miroslav Volf frames the ultimate concern for Christian discussion of politics and policy.  Christ as the Measure of All Values Value: The ultimate allegiance of a Christian is … Continue reading

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