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God’s will in a fallen world

When we pray (daily) for God’s will to be done on earth as it is in heaven, we acknowledge that God’s will is not being done on earth as it is in heaven. But in what sense? Certainly God is … Continue reading

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Do you expect to live after your earthly life ends?

There appears to be among all people throughout history a very strong intuition that physical death does not permanently terminate human existence. Most people are also inclined to believe in the possibility of some kind of postmortem accountability to a … Continue reading

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Rejecting a shelter mentality

When God’s people were exiled in Babylon, God continued to speak to them. He instructed his servant Jeremiah to write a letter to His exiled people. One word he wrote to them offered hope and assurance for their future: “This … Continue reading

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I don’t want to go to heaven

Imagine telling your five-year old son that when he grows up and gets married his honeymoon will be one of the most enjoyable times of his life. At this point in his life, he might ask, “Can I take my … Continue reading

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Now that the world didn’t end…

  Seven lessons to take to heart Another prediction of the end of the world has itself come to an end. Harold Camping (the 89-year-old founder of Family Radio who made the prediction) will probably go back to his drawing … Continue reading

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The final judge of all people

Reflect on this great excerpt from the writings of Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758). It comes from his work titled: “The World Judged Righteously by Jesus Christ.” Don’t miss his word of encouragement in the last two paragraphs. “Because he has appointed a day, … Continue reading

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Do people in heaven exist as disembodied spirits?

If you died today, we know that (as a believer) you would go directly to heaven and leave your physical body on earth until the resurrection. So would you have to exist as a disembodied spirit throughout the intermediate time between death and resurrection? Continue reading

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Resurrection – more than life after death

Resurrection is life after life after death. Yes, you read that correctly. Resurrection is bodily life after life after death. It’s postmortem existence stage two. I expect to return to identifiable bodily existence just as Jesus did. Continue reading

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Preparing people to meet God

“Christian mission can never be reduced to preparing people for this life.” (D. A. Carson) In “our materialistic culture, passionately focused on the comforts of this life and pleasures of the now,” D. A. Carson calls for “the urgent restoration … Continue reading

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University students respond to survey about heaven

  Surveys have consistently indicated that the majority of people in the USA believe there is a heaven. Most also believe that heaven is granted based on the good things done in this life. In a survey we conducted at … Continue reading

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