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Forgiveness is first about God

When I forgive, I bring the matter before the one who is both Judge of all the earth and my faithful and merciful High Priest. No moral neutrality involved here! Continue reading

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Do Christians understand forgiveness?

When people share their stories with me, I find that,

Some have sinned in ways that make them feel beyond the reach of God’s forgiveness. Trapped in a prison of regret and guilt, they’ve lost their joy.
Others have been so badly hurt that they find it hard to forgive. Engulfed in the pain of their past, they don’t know what to do with their hurt and loss. Continue reading

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Listen. Learn. Live.

7 short clips from my daily programs on WJTL 90.3 FM Continue reading

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How can I forgive?

Is forgiveness a feigned act of erasing or ignoring the action of the one who wronged us?
Does it require us to become morally neutral about right and wrong?
Does forgiveness require us to place our hurt in an imaginary zone of forgetfulness? Continue reading

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Beware of the jerks (and jerkettes)

Are you a pushover for predatory jerks? This author suggests that, “we are living in a jungle and its full of hungry jerks.” Continue reading

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A helpful guide for parents

The description of love in I Corinthians 13:4-8 provides a helpful guide for parents. Think about it this way: God is love, therefore, to be godly is to live out the qualities of love. Conversely, if you exchanged the word … Continue reading

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Where were you 20 years ago?

I’ve had the privilege of traveling to many conference centers and retreats to speak on forgiveness and reconciliation. Inevitably someone will come up to me in each setting and ask, “Where were you twenty years ago?” Then they tell me … Continue reading

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Moving from anxiety to peace

Anxiety can trouble our minds and distract us from the normal flow of life. Anxiety can be anything from annoying to distracting to debilitating. It can also be caused by and effect physical conditions. Continue reading

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Finding it hard to reconcile

When a husband speaks harshly to his wife in a way that is out of character for him, his acknowledgement of wrong doing should be received with forgiveness and restoration. This kind of offense can be covered in love. The … Continue reading

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The first step in restoring a broken relationship

For genuine reconciliation to occur you must be as certain as possible of your offender’s repentance—especially in cases involving repeated offenses. It’s hard to truly restore a broken relationship when an offender is unclear about his confession and repentance.   … Continue reading

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