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God in Trinity

Is the eternal God both One and yet Three at the same time? Continue reading

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Concise doctrinal statement

A summary of Christian beliefs. Continue reading

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The God who speaks

Speaking verbs permeate this NT letter. From the opening of the book to the end, the world is presented as dependent on God’s word. Continue reading

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Therapeutic vs. True Gospel

Jesus Christ died for my sin and the most vivid expression of my sin is my willful self-preoccupation. A gospel message that invites me to stay at the center is not the true gospel. Listen closely to the emphasis when you hear someone invite people to follow Jesus. Continue reading

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Confused about God in a world of suffering

In our efforts to understand how God relates to the evil actions of humans (or even to His own acts of judgment), we must make some important distinctions concerning God’s will. Continue reading

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Top 5 Arguments against eternal punishment

Most people know that the Bible doesn’t describe a pleasant end for those who reject God’s offer of salvation through Jesus Christ. But what type of judgment falls on them? Continue reading

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We worship God in Trinity

Does God exist in tri-unity? Understanding trinity… Continue reading

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How should we apply God’s promises?

Test yourself in this area by answering the following seven questions? Continue reading

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3 core themes of discipleship

Here are three subjects that should be core teaching themes for new believers in Christ: Continue reading

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Teach this truth to new believers

Discipline is an unavoidable part of God’s plan for spiritual transformation. Christian discipleship should teaching about the fact that, “The Lord disciplines those he loves.” Some Christians are not experiencing spiritual growth because they don’t understand this truth.  ___ A failure to … Continue reading

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