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The expanded role of medical doctors

Although doctors are primarily charged with caring for physical health, over the last three to four decades, doctors have been called to take the role that was once reserved for a different profession. Continue reading

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Gender identity in children

The American College of Pediatricians (ACPeds)— an association of pediatricians and healthcare professionals in the United States issued the following statement on gender identity in children. Continue reading

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Room for normal sadness

Do we have room in our lives for normal sadness? Do we have unrealistic expectations for gregariousness? There appears to be a significant need for helping people understand the role of sadness in life and in character formation.
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Advantages of Christian counseling

“This kind of five bible verses and you’ll be better approach is far more common than many realize.” Continue reading

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The anatomy of normal sadness

Life is hard when you feel like you’re stuck in a flight pattern you can’t get out of.
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Reflecting on the life of my friend Dr. Mark Hassel

Sometimes life takes frightening and unexpected turns. On July 1, 2005, we experienced one of those turns. It began with a mid-day phone call from a member of our congregation. The call came from Dr. Mark Hassel. He asked if he … Continue reading

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A holistic approach to counseling

See: Fearfully and Wonderfully Made, Woefully and Tragically Fallen  

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Use of medications

Christian counselors have a unique advantage of being holistically honest in dealing with human problems. Continue reading

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Who are the losers in the merger of psychology, medicine and business?

The new authority in behavioral science involves a big business merger of biopsychology, pharmacology, medicine and the insurance industry. For almost three decades of pastoral ministry, I’ve had a deeply personal interest in sources behind human behavior. It’s an area of … Continue reading

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Understanding Depression

The standard criteria for diagnosing depressive disorder does not adequately distinguish intense normal sadness from biologically disordered sadness.

We must learn to distinguishing “sadness due to internal dysfunction” from “sadness that is a biologically designed response to external events.” Continue reading

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