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Old Testament Law – not the final word

The times when God “let all nations go their own way” (Acts 14:15); “when He held back and did not punish those who sinned in times past ” (Romans 3:25-26); when He “endured with much patience vessels of wrath” (Romans 9:22-23) and when He “overlooked such ignorance” (Acts 17:30-31). Continue reading

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Understanding Forgiveness

20 resources to help us understand and work through forgiveness. Continue reading

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When the storms hit…

Truths to carry and guide us in difficult times. Continue reading

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What if you don’t feel love?

Have you noticed how being true to feelings has become a measure of good character? One who fails to act consistently with her feelings is considered dishonest and hypocritical. How does this apply to love? Continue reading

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Love anything and your heart will be…

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Advice for adult children of divorce

Adult children of divorce (ACOD) face daunting challenges in both life and marriage.

10 helpful points for people who never had the benefit of seeing a loving, committed marriage modeled for them. Continue reading

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A song from a hurting heart

They say divorce is like death. The pain is greater when you’ve been forsaken by a spouse. The fears, regrets, guilt, anger, loss and loneliness can cycle through your heart for years. Music is often a means that helps to heal the heart. Continue reading

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When you feel like getting revenge

Seven responses when you feel like getting revenge.  Continue reading

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What should we know about marriage?

Originally posted on Wisdomforlife:
Someone once asked why so many married people seem so miserable. “Perhaps,” another responded, “it’s because so many miserable people are married.” Maybe marriage itself is not the problem. With a 50 percent divorce rate for…

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Catch my live show with @JustinBlaney

Catch my live show with @JustinBlaney on ‪#‎I4JLIVE‬ 5/7. Continue reading

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