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Protecting the unity of the Church

They key to unity in the Church is not the removal of all conflict. This will only be realized in heaven! The key is a reconciling spirit in the hearts of God’s people. Continue reading

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A legal Pandora’s box

Legalization of gay marriage as a civil right will open a legal Pandora’s box throughout the nation. Continue reading

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Sexual preference or Sexual orientation?

Homosexuals once used “sexual preference” to talk about their sexual lifestyle. The term “preference” was later rejected and replaced with “orientation” in an effort to remove homosexuality from a category of choice. Continue reading

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Are you discouraged by disunity?

There are many threats to Christian unity but the key to unity in a Church is not the absence of conflict but a shared commitment to pursue reconciliation when conflict occurs Continue reading

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Restore Tolerance to America

Tolerance has been the most emphasized social standard in America for the last several decades. But radical activists have hijacked tolerance and used it as a tool of power to coerce society to conform to their moral agenda.
Continue reading

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Waving a surrender flag on gay marriage

In “Gay Marriage and Christian Imagination,” Peter J. Leithart laments what appears to be dismal and weak Christian influences in the marriage debate and then reaches two troubling conclusions. His final thoughts are significantly inadequate and appear be part of a … Continue reading

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Teach the true virtue of tolerance

  The current political atmosphere in the USA is an embarrassing example of a failure to promote the virtue of tolerance. For more than two decades, public education and mainstream media have emphasized and promoted a value identified as tolerance. … Continue reading

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