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Protecting the unity of the Church

They key to unity in the Church is not the removal of all conflict. This will only be realized in heaven! The key is a reconciling spirit in the hearts of God’s people. Continue reading

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Are you discouraged by disunity?

There are many threats to Christian unity but the key to unity in a Church is not the absence of conflict but a shared commitment to pursue reconciliation when conflict occurs Continue reading

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Restore Tolerance to America

Tolerance has been the most emphasized social standard in America for the last several decades. But radical activists have hijacked tolerance and used it as a tool of power to coerce society to conform to their moral agenda.
Continue reading

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The true virtue of tolerance

Tolerance does not mean agreement. It means treating others with respect when you disagree. Continue reading

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Mark Regnerus and the third rail in academic research

A friend informed me today of a disturbing controversy involving Mark Regnerus, a tenured sociologist from The University of Texas at Austin. Regnerus dared to objectively research the adult children of parents who have same-sex relationships. His study (published in Social Science Research) found that young-adult children of … Continue reading

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Why is there so little tolerance?

The current political atmosphere in the USA is an embarrassing example of the failure to promote the virtue of tolerance. For at least the last two decades, public education and mainstream media have emphasized and promoted a value identified as tolerance. … Continue reading

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What does responsible citizenship look like?

It’s not easy to find well-balanced (accessible) statements on the role of Christians in government, especially of the representative form in the USA. Part of the problem is that we simply have no explicit parallels in Scripture to believers living … Continue reading

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A closer look at tolerance

I look forward to D. A. Carson’s new book, The Intolerance of Tolerance. I’ve written often on this subject and Carson has helped to shape some of my thinking. I see it at the heart of a kind of strategy to transform … Continue reading

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Things to know about 18-29 yr. olds

For more than 30 years, I’ve worked with those in the life-phase of emerging adulthood (or, adultolescence). Over the last couple of decades, I’ve observed some significant changes in this age group that align with many of the conclusions of … Continue reading

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Christian witness and the tyranny of tolerance

  “The strategy for dealing with religious and  moral  disagreement is: ‘You don’t go there” (Soul  Searching,  Christian Smith). Those who study trends in Christian missions tell us that in the very near future America will cease to be the primary … Continue reading

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