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What would you do?

Eight scenarios for choosing right from wrong. What would you do and why? Continue reading

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Is God’s will specifically revealed?

No amount of prayer will give us the authority to drop the “if” from our plans. Christians should therefore not say, “we prayed fervently about this plan and we know God is going to accomplish it.” James would say, “Where is your ‘if’?” But what about circumstantial signs, opened doors, inner impressions, or feeling called by God? Continue reading

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20 Questions about the right one

Here’s a helpful guide for the marriage decision. Continue reading

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Do not be yoked together with unbelievers

I keep a miniature wooden yoke in my office to use as a visual aid for explaining the importance of an equally yoked marriage. Continue reading

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The word of God is alive and active

Five key passages describing the role of Scripture in spiritual transformation. Continue reading

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If it is the Lord’s will

No amount of prayer allows me to drop the “if” from my future plans. Continue reading

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Prescription for great relationships

  This one is for married couples and for singles who are looking for true love. I often tell people that it takes work for marriage to work. It’s one thing to be in love and another to love someone … Continue reading

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