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It’s not the way you think it is

Delusional self-confidence based on self-accomplishment is not far removed from self-righteousness. It’s an insidiously deadly poison that can be… Continue reading

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Advice I need to hear

A friend told me about a list a man keeps with him to help him keep perspective. check it out. Continue reading

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10 common satanic behaviors

How do we explain the truth that, “the whole world is under the control of the evil one” (I John 5:19)? It seems likely that his ways would be pervasively noticed throughout the world. And, in fact, we find this to be the case when we consider how common these ten characteristics are to human history. Continue reading

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Sin is wrong and dumb – a form of self-abuse

Here is a deeply insightful reflection from one of my favorite authors, Cornelius Plantinga, Jr. It’s a bit long but well worth reading and discussing.   “The shortest and clearest way to state the relation between sin and foolishness is … Continue reading

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What do we know about satan?

They may say the devil has never lived, They may say the devil is gone; But simple people would like to know Who carries the business on? Continue reading

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Struggle Theology

While reading some feedback on Tim Challies’ post “Desecration and Titillation,” I recalled a quote from a series of messages I gave many years ago. It came from the book, “Flirting with the Devil,” by Bill Pride and has to … Continue reading

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When the facts expose the agenda

How do you respond when facts emerge to expose the deception behind agenda-driven news? Please don’t retreat into frustration that leads to inaction and non-participation. I realize that sometimes it’s hard to tell who is being honest. It’s appealing to … Continue reading

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Dealing with the manipulative child

If you don’t correct this behavior, when your child becomes an adult, he’ll be in for a lot of conflict and trouble — unless, of course, he can continue to surround himself with people he can control; people who are willing to enable him. If you allow this kind of maneuvering and fast talk to manipulate you as a parent, you only participate in the demise of his future. Continue reading

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When does truth matter to you?

  Have you ever been lied to or deceived? Did you feel betrayed when someone led you to believe in one reality when the opposite was true? It can feel like having the wind knocked out of you when someone you … Continue reading

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Are you tired of being forced into a culturally mandated way of thinking?

  The reigning viewpoint of the academy is that the physical, material universe is all there is, was, or ever will be. The only real world is the world of the five senses. The ceiling is in place, the windows … Continue reading

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