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A plea for civility and sanity from brave liberals and progressives

  This is a plea for civility and sanity among brave liberals and progressives. It’s time for many of them to break the silence and oppose the tone changes and agendas in their party. They have good reasons to be … Continue reading

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Myth about the First Amendment

Our Sunday News recently asked me to be a voice to balance the weekly columns of the assistant editor. He generates the most reader response for the paper but writes from more of a left-side, liberal perspective (labels I am a … Continue reading

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One nation under God, indivisible?

Polarization in American politics has become a huge turn off to the electorate – especially the younger generation. As hard as it may be, we simply must change the tone of our debates. While there is a legitimate place for … Continue reading

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Too Religious for Sports?

A conservative Mennonite Church in our area prohibits members from participating in “organized contesting ball teams.” Those who do such things are guilty of “participating in the world’s methods of pleasure-seeking.”   In his recent column in the New York Times, David Brooks … Continue reading

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Response to Fort Hood Massacre

I am not always a fan of well-known columnist, David Brooks. But his column The Rush to therapy is excellent. In it he analyzes the initial national media and Washington response to the Fort Hood massacre. His conclusion says it … Continue reading

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