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We serve no sovereign here

We now live in bondage under the final authority of the individual will, whose impulses and decisions are their own moral index. Even our religion betrays our inviolable spirit of autonomy. Continue reading

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Emperors of New Atheism have no clothes

Just got a copy of “Atheism’s New Clothes: Exploring and exposing the claims of the New Atheists,” by David Glass, IVP/Apollos (18 May, 2012). In Atheism’s New Clothes, David Glass explores the primary works of so-called “New Atheism” including Daniel Dennett’s Breaking the … Continue reading

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Freedom only flourishes within limits

Today Americans celebrate freedom. It’s the most cherished value of our times. But have we accepted a kind of freedom that is sending us into a terrible form of bondage? “We live in an age whose chief moral value has … Continue reading

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Faith in nothing

As modern men and women – to the degree that we are modern—we believe in nothing. We hold an unshakable, if often unconscious, faith in the nothing.  Our religion is one of comfortable nihilism. “We live in an age whose … Continue reading

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An uncomfortable tension with the Obama Administration

The recent uproar over the Obama Administration refusing religious organizations exemption from purchasing health insurance that covers abortion related drugs and procedures has left me feeling uneasy. My discomfort is partly due to the fact that churches are battling for … Continue reading

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Where are the profound atheists?

On my flight to Orlando, Florida this morning, I enjoyed a collection of essays (In the Aftermath: Provocations and Laments) by David Bentley Hart. Few authors challenge me as much as Hart. Early in the book, Hart laments a lack of … Continue reading

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Inalienable Freedom of Choice: the god of this age

“We live in an age whose chief moral value has been determined, by overwhelming consensus, to be the absolute liberty of personal volition, the power of each of us to choose what he or she believes, wants, needs, or must … Continue reading

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True Freedom

“We are free not merely because we can choose, but only when we choose well. For to choose poorly, through folly or malice, in a way that thwarts our nature and distorts our proper form, is to enslave ourselves to … Continue reading

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Atheist Delusions

Anyone who follows and trusts the popular level atheism of writers like Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens or Daniel Dennett should read:  “Atheist Delusions: The Christian Revolution and Its Fashionable Enemies“ by David Bentley Hart Hart must be the most feared … Continue reading

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