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When parenting is the problem

Sometimes we too quickly connect the bad behavior of children with a parenting deficit. Other times we fail to make needed connections between parenting or the bad example we’ve set and the outcomes in our children. Continue reading

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The glory of ordinary lives

What would life look like if we had renewed zeal to “… be content with what you have, because God has said, “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you” (Hebrews 13:5). Continue reading

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Leading our children to faith in Christ

How can we lead them away from bad behavior and commend them for good behavior while teaching them how desperately they need God’s grace as sinners? Continue reading

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A new radical needed

I think we need more emphasis on the glory of ordinary lives for Christ. Perhaps it could become the new radical. All the emphasis we hear on being radical has given many people the feeling that ordinary is either boring … Continue reading

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Nothing “Happy” about Father’s Day?

Are you among those who can’t see the “Happy” in Father’s Day?  “Maybe it’s not so ‘happy’ for you. Perhaps you’re one of those people who will play the charade of giving a gift, sending a card or making a … Continue reading

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Spiritual transformation and the fatherhood of God

Rather than allowing yourself to be consumed with the failures or absence of a human father, let the Spirit restore the comforting truth of Fatherhood as “by him we cry, ‘Abba, Father.’” Continue reading

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Pro-fatherhood rallies won’t help unless…

“A man’s children will be fathered diligently when they are loved in the context of a much greater love.” (Douglas Wilson) Continue reading

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Links for Dad to see

10 Things Nobody Tells You About Being a Dad Before I became a dad, I thought I would be a pretty good dad. After all I grew up in a nice, Christian home, I read a few parenting books, and … Continue reading

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6 Links worth seeing and something funny

Raising Gospel Centered Children  In order to understand my own motives, I’ve learned to ask myself: Do I want my children to know God, to rest in the person and work of Christ, to have their many, many sins washed … Continue reading

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Beyond partisan debate: more important concerns for our nation

An endless array of faces greets me most mornings as I drink my coffee. The headlines tell the grim stories: “Four face trial for slaying of woman,” “Rapist gets 19 ½ -40…” “Police charge man in homicide…” and on it … Continue reading

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