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Thinking more deeply about Influence

There is an urgent need for Christians to think more deeply about our calling to be agents of common grace committed to the welfare of the city of our exile.

Honor for our Creator should lead us to deep concerns about common good for His creatures.

Those who live in a representative forms of democracy have a unique opportunity to sit at the table where policies and laws are formed. Ordinary people in biblical times never had this kind of opportunity. And most people in the world today can only dream of it.

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The bad news we need to hear

The solution will not help the person who doesn’t understand the problem. This couldn’t be more true than in relation to the gospel. If the bad news behind the good news of the gospel isn’t clearly understood; the gospel will … Continue reading

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Our dilemma; God’s solution

What is wrong with us? In his painfully perceptive book, Cornelius Plantinga Jr. answers the question: “Human life is not the way it’s supposed to be. And so…the world’s great thinkers often diagnose the human predicament and prescribe various remedies for … Continue reading

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