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Formula E429 could change your life!

Think of how many times we could defuse a situation by choosing better words and tones. But don’t miss my WARNING LABEL! Continue reading

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Resolve anxiety through worship

Overcoming anxiety through worship is found in a very significant connection between I Peter 5:6 and 5:7. In our battle against anxiety, we are called to be worshipful and watchful — resting confidently in the transcending and protective peace of God. Continue reading

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People who are discontent

If you spend too much time with discontent people, you might be tempted toward their negative perspective.
Continue reading

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For those who battle discouragement

What should we do when maturity gives way to melancholy? Is it possible for restraint to be a cover up for disincentive or loss of motivation and hope? Can a sense of defeat lead to a deflated kind of resignation and then to cynicism and even bitterness? Continue reading

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Always leading us back to grace

God is always leading us back to grace to confess our unworthiness and to celebrate His mercy. Continue reading

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It doesn’t feel good to be a Christian

Zac Northen wrote a perceptive piece over at Relevant Magazine titled, Can Inner Peace be Misleading? His call is timely for many people: “We need to develop the wisdom for living a life that is comfortable with being uncomfortable, and … Continue reading

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A Closer look at Hope

The nature of Christian hope 1. Hope is a response — of those who have experienced the mercy of God’s loving intervention and by faith embraced the certainty of God’s promises for the future. – I Peter 1:3-4 – “In His great … Continue reading

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When people let you down

  People work is difficult. People will hurt you and forget you and desert you. Sometimes the people who do this will be the very ones you’ve served most in ministry. If you commit to a life of ministry, you … Continue reading

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Are you feeling down?

Long winter months and difficult seasons of life can take their toll on us. They can lead to a state of discouragement.  It’s easy to become discouraged in this broken world. When we find ourselves under waves of discouragement, we … Continue reading

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5 short audio messages

Worldview: Can you explain a Christian worldview to others? Where would you start? Young Leaders: I am a little nervous for younger leaders going into full-time ministry. Attitude Check: Words to repeat before entering your Church. Elders: Counsel for Church … Continue reading

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