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Four servants of God who battled fierce despair

Four servants of God. Each one reached an extremely low point in life. All of them felt that life was no longer worth living. Continue reading

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Are you a cantankerous Christian?

Whether old or young, ask yourself if you’re known for being cantankerous and irritable or gracious and grateful. Continue reading

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We serve no sovereign here

We now live in bondage under the final authority of the individual will, whose impulses and decisions are their own moral index. Even our religion betrays our inviolable spirit of autonomy. Continue reading

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Four lessons in greatness Continue reading

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Moving from anxiety to peace

Anxiety can trouble our minds and distract us from the normal flow of life. Anxiety can be anything from annoying to distracting to debilitating. It can also be caused by and effect physical conditions. Continue reading

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Watch your tone!

When one of the tones listed here is prominent in your way of communicating, it points to deeper issues, — heart issues that must be resolved. Continue reading

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What does God do for your self-image?

How do I see myself? How does faith in God change the way I view my life? Continue reading

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The first threat to Christian unity

The first issue threatening to divide the followers of Jesus was the egos of the leaders in training. “A dispute also arose among them as to which of them was considered to be greatest” (Luke 22:24). The threat of ego … Continue reading

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Looking for the Devil in the wrong places

“Men don’t believe in a devil now, As their fathers used to do; They reject one creed because it’s old For another because it’s new. If the devil is voted not to be, Is the verdict, therefore, true? Someone is surely doing the work The devil … Continue reading

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What Should You Expect?

What should we expect to see in a person’s life if he or she experiences God’s forgiveness and salvation? Continue reading

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