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Orlando terror act exploited

There is a very dangerous agenda being attached to the horrific terrorist attack in Orlando. It is disgraceful to see this tragedy exploited to … Continue reading

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The President’s Speech

It’s frankly a little scary to think that our leaders so boldly take us for fools. Continue reading

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Restore Tolerance to America

Tolerance has been the most emphasized social standard in America for the last several decades. But radical activists have hijacked tolerance and used it as a tool of power to coerce society to conform to their moral agenda.
Continue reading

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A plea for civility and sanity from brave liberals and progressives

  This is a plea for civility and sanity among brave liberals and progressives. It’s time for many of them to break the silence and oppose the tone changes and agendas in their party. They have good reasons to be … Continue reading

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Myth about the First Amendment

Our Sunday News recently asked me to be a voice to balance the weekly columns of the assistant editor. He generates the most reader response for the paper but writes from more of a left-side, liberal perspective (labels I am a … Continue reading

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How do most people link to WisdomForLife?

I don’t expect this to be of interest to everyone who reads WisdomForLife so please feel free to ignore it. Just a FYI for anyone interested. The primary referrals to my blog come from the following sources in order of … Continue reading

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Exposing Sexual Predators and Abusers

“There appears to be no end to the horrible stories of men sexually assaulting young boys. The same week that a guilty verdict was brought against former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky, a Catholic priest in Philadelphia was found … Continue reading

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One nation under God, indivisible?

Polarization in American politics has become a huge turn off to the electorate – especially the younger generation. As hard as it may be, we simply must change the tone of our debates. While there is a legitimate place for … Continue reading

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A crusading news media

Most Americans know that mainstream media has become a vehicle of propaganda. It’s painfully obvious that many reporters and commentators are so deeply entrenched in the worldview they prefer that they report and comment in ways aimed at promoting their … Continue reading

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