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Duck controversy?

Somewhere along the way, however, true tolerance was replaced with a counterfeit operating under the same name. The new version demands full agreement not respect. The results are eroding our freedoms. Continue reading

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Duck Dynasty Alert

We cannot remain silent in the face of such radical and hateful intolerance toward anyone who dares to disagree with the sexual choices of homosexuals. Continue reading

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4 links worth seeing (and an extra)

The Stem and the Flower by David Brooks “So one’s attitude toward politics should be a passionate devotion to a mundane and limited thing. Government is essential, but, to switch metaphors ridiculously, it’s the stem of the flower, not the … Continue reading

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Government doesn’t have to be the problem

In the current year of election, it appears that widespread voter apathy is converting into citizen outrage regarding government. Continue reading

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A Clash of Visions for our Nation

We cannot expect to flourish in the freedom and prosperity we’ve enjoyed if we continue to do everything possible to deny the God of our forefathers. Continue reading

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Thinking more deeply about Influence

There is an urgent need for Christians to think more deeply about our calling to be agents of common grace committed to the welfare of the city of our exile.

Honor for our Creator should lead us to deep concerns about common good for His creatures.

Those who live in a representative forms of democracy have a unique opportunity to sit at the table where policies and laws are formed. Ordinary people in biblical times never had this kind of opportunity. And most people in the world today can only dream of it.

Continue reading

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7 links worth seeing

Responding to Catastrophic Super Typhoon  The storm—one of the most powerful ever recorded—slammed into the island of Leyte early Friday morning with sustained winds reported as high as 195 mph and gusts up to 230 mph, flooding coastal communities. It … Continue reading

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