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When the storms hit…

Truths to carry and guide us in difficult times. Continue reading

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Feeling discouraged?

We all know what it is like to feel discouraged. Take a moment and consider four recommendations for times of discouragement. Continue reading

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Who is adequate for this?

Reason to pray for your pastors. Continue reading

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Forgiveness – An act of worship

When hurt by others, we often only see the horizontal significance of what occurred. “This is about me and the one who hurt me!” we argue. Yet those who worship God are called to view forgiveness as an act of worship. This is primarily about God and secondarily about me or my offender. When we forgive, we “let go of” instead of “holding on to” or “holding against.”

Forgiveness is an act of releasing to God the hurtful actions and consequences of the wrong done to us. Continue reading

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Biologically based sadness

Church people are sometimes well-intentioned but hurtful when they approach all discouragement as a matter of simple obedience to the Lord. Continue reading

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When people let you down

  People work is difficult. People will hurt you and forget you and desert you. Sometimes the people who do this will be the very ones you’ve served most in ministry. If you commit to a life of ministry, you … Continue reading

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Does life feel difficult?

Do you feel you’ve been called to a life of swimming upstream? Continue reading

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Are you struggling with burnout?

Here is a great word for pastors (and others) who struggle with burnout: “When I find myself heading for burnout, more often than not I’ve lost the rhythms of rest and repentance and started to chase my idols. I take … Continue reading

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The hurts and disappointments of life

In this world, it’s easy to become a loss lamenting, grievance collecting — Eeyorish kind of person. But this gloom and doom mentality only spirals life into a depressing cycle of emotional ups and downs. It’s an exhausting way to … Continue reading

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Misunderstanding the ways of God

Here’s a truth we can’t afford to ignore, misunderstand, or underestimate: “The Lord disciplines those He loves.”  Discipline is part of God’s plan for spiritual transformation – for all of His children. If you’ve known the Lord for any length … Continue reading

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