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Pursuing Wisdom (p. 3)

Since the early chapters of proverbs are words from a father to a son, these lessons are especially helpful for parents who desire to lead their children in the way of wisdom. Continue reading

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When your past revisits you

Is it possible to carry deep resentment without being aware of the power it holds over you? Consider the story of a woman who learned the power of suppressed resentment. Fifteen years after a tragic accident, she came to terms … Continue reading

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A holistic approach to counseling

See: Fearfully and Wonderfully Made, Woefully and Tragically Fallen  

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Their sense of need is not so deep as it ought to be

  I’ve been thinking a lot about the way J. C. Ryle explained the lack of fervency in prayer. I believe what he wrote applies more widely to the whole life of the follower of Jesus Christ. “How is it … Continue reading

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A Chief Repenter — in the making

I recently read an interview of a leader who stated that his job description included a requirement to be the Chief Repenter of the organization. I am about to take a stab at this by doing a little repenting of … Continue reading

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To young leaders and Christian counselors (pt 2)

Five examples of counseling from real-life cases I ended my first post to young leaders by emphasizing that Christian counselors have a unique advantage of being holistically honest in dealing with human problems. We know that God has made us physical, … Continue reading

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The attack against your mind:

Pay close attention when the same New Testament author uses that same word to address the same subject in the same book. This is the case in II Corinthians in the connection between the mind (νοηματα) and spiritual conflict. First notice … Continue reading

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