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The grand reversal of every religion

As a hush came over the crowd, Jesus began his Sermon on the Mount. They awaited his words with great expectation and intrigue. Yet who would have expected his first words to be a pronouncement of blessing on the poor … Continue reading

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A window into God’s heart

An important distinction concerning God’s will must be applied to the way we understand how God relates to the evil actions of humans (or even to His own acts of judgment). Along with God’s sovereign and revealed will, one must honor God’s dispositional will. … Continue reading

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A closer look at tolerance

I look forward to D. A. Carson’s new book, The Intolerance of Tolerance. I’ve written often on this subject and Carson has helped to shape some of my thinking. I see it at the heart of a kind of strategy to transform … Continue reading

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Blaming Religion for violence

Old myths die slowly. Such is the case with the notion that religion is the primary cause of violence and oppression. Atheistic like Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris are well-known for promoting this myth. After 9/11, a British reporter echoed the … Continue reading

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Key to ministry in postmodern times

Times have changed and churches must be aware of those changes if they desire to be faithful to the mission of Christ.  A generation has come up that doesn’t see the world the same way their predecessors saw it. But … Continue reading

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Atheism and Cynicism fail the test

I never felt the God of the Bible was asking me to put on rose-colored glasses. Continue reading

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Are religious believers terrorists in disguise?

Are deeply religious people really terrorists in disguise? Should those who believe in a God who created the world and to whom each human is accountable be suspected of imperialistic or terroristic motives? Many have wrongly assumed that strongly held religious beliefs should be … Continue reading

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