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Can we trust the Bible as God’s word?

How to respond when someone says, “Let’s face it, the Bible is just a book written by man!” Continue reading

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Jesus set the example of servant-leadership but be careful not to misunderstand what He intended. Continue reading

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Preoccupied with the perception of others

Let’s be honest about how easily we become preoccupied with how others regard us. It’s tempting to build self-perception on how others perceive us. This is the underlying concern relating to preoccupation with status or greatness. Continue reading

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When is war necessary?

Is it possible to have a just war? Could a decision to go to war ever be the best and most loving choice? Continue reading

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We serve no sovereign here

We now live in bondage under the final authority of the individual will, whose impulses and decisions are their own moral index. Even our religion betrays our inviolable spirit of autonomy. Continue reading

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Great advice for parents

as the son prepares to for life as an adult, the father makes no assumptions about his son’s strength to withstand dangers and temptations. Continue reading

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Watch out for the person who….

Working as a team requires unity and mutual respect. It also requires leadership. My role has transitioned to one of providing leadership for the pastoral staff of our Church as they provide leadership for the congregation. I’ve written in the … Continue reading

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A Bipartisan Recommendation

Whether we’re talking about gun legislation or anything else, more government control is exactly what we don’t want. Our government has a proven track record of waste and mismanagement. Until they demonstrate responsible and accountable leadership, we should not turn … Continue reading

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A potential weakness in homeschooling

Some parents do a good job with homeschooling. Others need more guidance and accountability.  We used all three approaches to education (home, private and public). I am very glad that we have the freedom to choose the best path for … Continue reading

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Using resentment and envy to win the Presidency

I was recently interviewed by a University student as a project for his class on diversity. I told him how thankful I am that I don’t have any inclination to view people as better or worse based on race or … Continue reading

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