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One for sports fans

Very interesting story about Clyde Doepner, the only official full-time curator in Major League Baseball. Continue reading

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Mark Driscoll Interviews players on the Seattle Seahawks

“Jesus is better than the Superbowl” Coach Seto Continue reading

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A Great Story!

Middle School Football Team goes Behind Coaches’ Backs To Do Something great! Continue reading

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Two essential movements for protecting unity

Two motions or forces of movement serve as helpful illustrations of the function of a healthy core group in any organization. Continue reading

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5 links worth seeing

Losing Is Good for You   “… kids respond positively to praise; they enjoy hearing that they’re talented, smart and so on. But after such praise of their innate abilities, they collapse at the first experience of difficulty. Demoralized by their … Continue reading

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4 Links to see

My wife and I finally watched the Lincoln movie. It was excellent! The picture on the right is  an amazing portrait of Abraham Lincoln, by Kazuhiro Tsuji. You can see more of it here. Other posts worth noting: Drowning Doesn’t … Continue reading

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Rutgers’ Sandusky

  There are so many fine examples of dedicated leadership in the world of coaching. Occasional ignominious and bizarre figures like Mike Rice (former Rutger’s mens basketball coach) and Jerry Sandusky (former Penn State football coach) are sad exceptions to the many … Continue reading

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