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Ten truths about God in Acts 17:22-31

A guide for those who desire to be effective witnesses for Christ in our times. Continue reading

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The conflicted man of Romans 7

Who is the ‘wretched man’ of Romans 7? Continue reading

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A thorn in the flesh?

Three purposes of thorns of affliction and much more… Continue reading

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A place in God’s mercy

We should tremble at these words whenever we’re tempted to be unmerciful. Continue reading

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Expect the unexpected with God

Here is an occasion when people say, “It can’t be done” or “He’s too far gone.” But remember to expect the unexpected with God! Don’t be surprised when the predictable gives way to the unpredictable! Stand in humble awe at the ways of God! Continue reading

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Should we always use the Bible in witnessing for Christ?

My title for this post might be a bit misleading… I think the diversity of models for outreach in Acts 17 deserves more thoughtful dialogue in the Church today. Continue reading

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10 truths about God

As our Maker, God knows what it best for us. We were created to live in a dependent relationship under God’s rule. Man is not meant to live by bread alone but by every word that comes from the mouth of God. Continue reading

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What’s your narrative for life?

What narrative do you follow for life? By narrative, I mean the way you choose to live your life. What do you base life on? What vision of life do you follow? What matters to you? What motivates you? What … Continue reading

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Eight point message: a model for postmodern times

The message Paul gave to the intellectuals of Athens is a model for speaking to people in the 21st century. It’s found in Acts 17:24-31 and offers an outline of eight themes to prepare the way for understanding the gospel. … Continue reading

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Schooled in Comfort by The Comforter

It’s tempting for us as Christians to think that being a Christian should minimize the challenges and troubles of life. We have God with us! Shouldn’t He protect us from hardships? Shouldn’t life be easier? When my parents became believers … Continue reading

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