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Treason to our fellow human beings

It is possible to believe and teach the exclusive truth claims made by Jesus Christ without being intolerant? Continue reading

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Faith in nothing

As modern men and women – to the degree that we are modern—we believe in nothing. We hold an unshakable, if often unconscious, faith in the nothing.  Our religion is one of comfortable nihilism. “We live in an age whose … Continue reading

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The best hope for our nation

 In a recent piece for Huffpost Religion, Christian Smith (professor of Sociology, Notre Dame University), suggested that the emerging generation (those in what he calls “adultolescence”) has rejected sectarian conflict over religious differences that dominated American life a few generations ago and turned to … Continue reading

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Perhaps truth matters to them

Downloads of sermons by Mark Driscoll, (the preaching pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Washington), number more than 100,000 each week. More than 10,000 attend his Church and the majority are young people. Driscoll is intelligent and not afraid … Continue reading

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Whatever happened to tolerance?

America has become an ethnic, religious and ideological melting pot and tolerance has been enlisted as the gate keeping virtue for pluralistic civility. In the wake of the shootings in Tucson, Arizona, however, we find ourselves asking why we’re so … Continue reading

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Windows Open & Eyes to See (audio resource)

Text: John 2:23-3:16 Listen: Download Sermon (9.06 mb) Steve Cornell

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True for you but not for me

What’s wrong with the following statements: “Nothing is universally true.” “All generalizations are false.” “No belief is true for everyone.” “Everything is relative.” “Everyone’s beliefs are true or false only relative to himself.” What do we mean when we say … Continue reading

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