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Searching for a plausible worldview

What way of seeing things corresponds most with reality and does not contradict what I clearly know to be true? Continue reading

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Unresolved, pushed around, and burdened?

Adverse childhood experiences are the single greatest… Continue reading

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What do most students entering university believe?

The tension is not about belief in a Creator but whether or not it is safe to believe in one absolute God — especially if one’s beliefs discredit the beliefs of others. Continue reading

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The best way to understand the world

Christian worldview does the best job explaining the world we encounter each day. Continue reading

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Four countries in one location

Imagine presenting a Christian worldview to people from four different countries in one location only twenty minutes from your home. I had the privilege of doing just this today. In a large Christian high school in our area, I taught … Continue reading

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Paradoxical beings searching for paradise

When we look at the world with all of its problems, at the evil that fills the world, it’s easy for us to ask why God doesn’t do something about it. We look for answers, and solutions, and even become … Continue reading

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Unlocking the enigma of our existence

There are surprisingly few places to turn for thoughtful answers to the deeper questions about suffering, life and death. Continue reading

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The grand reversal of every religion

We naturally resist the teaching of Jesus. But Jesus led his audience immediately to the grace of God. It was like saying that heaven is reserved for those who know they don’t qualify. Continue reading

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Why is there so little tolerance?

The current political atmosphere in the USA is an embarrassing example of the failure to promote the virtue of tolerance. For at least the last two decades, public education and mainstream media have emphasized and promoted a value identified as tolerance. … Continue reading

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Treason to our fellow human beings

It is possible to believe and teach the exclusive truth claims made by Jesus Christ without being intolerant? Continue reading

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