Below is a list of tri-fold brochures by Steve Cornell. A growing number of churches and ministries have requested copies of these for their literature and counseling resources. If you’re interested in receiving some for your Church or ministry, contact:

To view the content under each title, see the categories to the left on the home page of this blog. $2.50 for 25 brochures (plus shipping)


  • Why Do I Still Feel Guilty?
  • Seven Signs of True Repentance
  • Restoring Broken Relationships
  • I Forgive Him…But
  • Don’t Give Up On Your Marriage
  • Finding It Hard to Forgive
  • Finding Love That Lasts a Lifetime
  • Five Essentials For Being a Great Dad
  • Five Guidelines For a Good Marriage
  • Grow Up! It Might Save Your Marriage
  • Hesitant to Reconcile? 10 Guidelines to Help
  • Are You a Judgmental Christian?
  • Christians Have an Inclusive Message
  • A Christian Worldview
  • Church Discipline: Six Steps
  • Debate About Intelligent Design
  • Discovering the Truth About Jesus Christ
  • Gay Marriage Debate
  • Homosexuality: No Choice; No Tolerance
  • Is It Right to Question God?
  • It’s Not Easy to Be an Atheist
  • Making Sense of Religious Tolerance
  • Marriage: Is It Just a Human Custom or Something More?
  • One Question For God
  • Scripture Supports Death Penalty
  • Some Pray and Die
  • What Does Post-Modern Mean?
  • When Should the Sick Call the Elders?
  • Hope for victims of sexual abuse

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