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Church – structured and spontaneous

The Church is an organism, not just an organization. This truth cautions against overly structuring the life of a body of believers. As an organism, the spiritual life or life generated by the Holy Spirit should lead to spontaneous ministries … Continue reading

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Unresolved, pushed around, and burdened

Clear voices are making it known that “Adverse childhood experiences are the single greatest… Continue reading

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Do this in remembrance of your sins?

What does it mean to eat and drink damnation to yourself and who are the many who are weak and sickly and many who died? Continue reading

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A closer look at repentance

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The call to repentance is prominent in the message of Jesus and the early Church Jesus said, “The time has come, the kingdom of God has come near. Repent and believe the gospel!” (Mark 1:15). Jesus’…

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Making a case for Christ among us

A few reminders about the attitudes that show Christ among us. Christ is visible when our fellowship is based on humble, loving, truth-telling relationships of mutual affection and honor. Continue reading

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Response to the 18 Year Factor

These are the kinds of responses we’ve consistently heard after I’ve given presentations of … Continue reading

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Expect the unexpected with God

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Imagine this… Imagine the looks on the faces of early Church leaders if God had told them that Saul of Tarsus was the one He chose to spread the gospel, plant many churches throughout the Roman…

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