Health care for women?

Does it upset you when people politicize the health and safety of women?

It might surprise you to know that those who argue for abortion are actually opposing health care for women. If you defend abortion as health care, I recommend you first interview women who have had an abortion.

The medical effects of abortion and post-abortion stress disorder are well-documented. In a congressional hearing on the impact of abortion, psychologist Wanda Franz stated, “Women who report negative after-effects from abortion know exactly what their problem is. They report horrible nightmares of children calling them from trash cans, of body parts, and blood. When they are reminded of the abortion, the women re-experienced it with terrible psychological pain … They feel worthless and victimized because they failed at the most natural of human activities — the role of being a mother.”

Many women battle long-term emotional and psychological damage over their profound regret over getting an abortion. For abortion proponents to attribute these effects to some form of religiously induced guilt is to trivialize the actual trauma these women endure.

It’s not surprising that the greatest support for women facing post-abortion issues comes from pro-life ministries. These ministries treat the feelings of women respectfully rather than trivializing or politicizing them.

Defending abortion should not be associated with the goal of protecting women’s health. Just ask women who had an abortion.

Organization like Planned Parenthood (while prospering on the abortion industry) intentionally deceive people about the traumatic effects of abortion. The procedure of abortion (and its after-effects) is not about the health and safety of women. It’s about a culture of convenience, self-absorption, and money.

We need laws that compassionately protect both the women facing unplanned pregnancies and their babies. But such laws will be viewed as extreme until we accept the truth that induced abortion is both detrimental to the health of women and that the occupant of a mother’s womb is a human life with the potential of becoming a mature human being. 

Steve Cornell

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