Challenge to parents

    ▪       Discuss ways you can build the 10 positive traits below into your children.

    ▪       How do you keep the negatives from undermining the positives?

Your strategy will likely change based on the personality, temperament, and challenges of each child.

Positives without negatives

    1      Confident without being arrogant.

    2      Humble without being weak.

    3      Determined without being stubborn.

    4      Teachable without being gullible.

    5      Friendly without being naive.

    6      A servant without being an enabler.

    7      Merciful without being undiscerning.

    8      Discerning without being a critic.

    9      Capable without being overly self-reliant.

    10    Godly without being Pharisaic.

Steve Cornell

(from my book: The 18 Year Factor – How our upbringing affects our life and relationships)

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