Teaching outline to I Peter

The outline below is the result of three years teaching through I Peter.

I.    Introduction: Writer, Readers, & Greeting                                              1:1-2

            A.  Peter (six messages) 

            B.  Chosen by God (four Messages)

II.   Praise to God for our great salvation                                                         1:3-12

            A.  Our salvation described                                                                     1:3-5

                        1.  Source of salvation                                                                  1:3a

                             (The God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ)

                        2.  Basis of salvation                                                                      1:3b

                             (who according to His great mercy)

                        3.  Accomplishment of salvation                                                1:3c

                             (He caused us to be born again to a living hope.)

                        4.  Power of salvation                                                                   1:3d

                             (through the resurrection of Jesus Christ)

                        5.  Future of salvation                                                                   1:4

                             (to obtain an inheritance…)

                        6.  Security of salvation                                                                1:5a

                             (protected by the power of God…)

                        7.  Revelation of salvation                                                           1:5b

                             (ready to be revealed in the last time)

            B.  Our salvation tried                                                                               1:6-9

                        1.  Rejoicing in trials                                                                      1:6

                             (In this you greatly rejoice—though distressed

                              by various trials.)

                        2.  Reasons for trials                                                                     1:7a

                             (proof of your faith)

                        3.  Results of trials                                                                         1:7b-9

                             (praise, glory and honor)

            C.  Our salvation investigated                                                                 1:10-12

                        1.  Prophetic investigation                                                           1:10-11

                        2.  Prophetic revelation                                                                1:12a-b

                                    a)  objects of the prophetic ministry                            1:12a

                                    b)  recipients of the prophetic message                      1:12b

                        3.  Angelic investigation                                                         1:12c

III.  Living a Life that Makes a Difference  “BE HOLY!”                          1:13-21

            A.  Through a clear mind rather than a cluttered mind                   1:13a

            B.  Through a complete hope rather than a clouded hope              1:13b

            C.  Through a clean break with the past              1:14

            D.  Through a consuming holiness rather than a                              1:15-16

                 cloistered holiness                                                                               

            E.  Through a conduct in fear rather than a carefree                       1:17

                  attitude toward God

            F.  Through a consideration of redemption rather than                 1:18-21

                 a careless approach to redemption

IV.   Deepening Our Love for One Another                                                     1:22-2:10

            A.  The Command: Fervently love one another from the               1:22


            B.  The Basis: You have been born again of the                                 1:23-25

                  imperishable seed.

            C.  The Means: Replace all hindrances with the Word.                   2:1-2

            D.  Further Motivation:                                                                             2:3-10

                        You are:  Living Stones                                                                  2:5

                                          A Spiritual House                                                         2:5

                                          A Holy Priesthood                                                        2:5

                                          A Chosen Race                                                              2:9

                                          A Royal Priesthood                                                      2:9

                                          A Holy Nation                                                                2:9

                                          A People for God’s Own Possession                       2:9

                                          The People of God                                                       2:10

V.   Maintaining an Excellent Testimony Under Persecution                     2:11-3:7

            A.  As Aliens and Strangers                                                                     2:11-12

            B.  As Citizens in a Hostile Government                                               2:13-17

            C.  As Servants/Employees                                                                      2:18-20

            D. As Christ Suffered                                                                                  2:21-25

            E.  As Members of Mixed Marriages                                                    3:1-7

VI.  Guidelines for an Evangelistic Lifestyle                                                     3:8-9

            A.  In response to fellow believers                                                        3:8

            B.  In response to our critics                                                                   3:9

VII.   Loving Life and Seeing Good Days                                                           3:10-12

            A.  The Dominant Desire                                                                          3:10a

            B.  The Demanded Activities                                                                   3:10a-11

            C.  The Divine Response                                                                           3:12

VIII.  Suffering for Doing What is Right                                                            3:13-4:6

            A.  Remain zealous for good deeds                                                       3:13

            B.  Recognize that you are blessed                                                       3:14a

            C.  Refrain from fear                                                                                  3:14b

            D.  Regard Christ as Lord                                                                          3:15a

            E.   Respond to opportunities to witness                                            3:15b

            F.   Reserve a good conscience                                                               3:16

            G.  Remember your options                                                                    3:17

            H.  Role model the examples of Christ and Noah                              3:18-22

            I.   Resolve to be willing to suffer                                                          4:1a

            J.   Realize what suffering accomplishes                                              4:1b-2

            K.  Recall your persecutor’s motive and destiny                               4:3-6

*This formulates a positive strategy for believers who are faced with persecution.

IX.   Ethics for End Time Living                                                                            4:7-11

            A.  Controlled and Alert Prayer                                                              4:7

            B.  Mutual Fervent Love                                                                           4:8

            C.  General Practice of Hospitality                                                         4:9

            D.  Specific Ministries of Service                                                4:10-11

X.    Responding to Suffering                                                                               4:12-19

            A.  Expect it                                                                                                  4:12

            B.  Exalt in it                                                                                                 4:13-14

            C.  Evaluate its cause                                                                                4:15-18

            D.  Entrust yourselves to God                                                                 4:19

XI.   The Pastoral Work of Elders                                                                       5:1-4

            A.  Exhortation from a restored leader                                                5:1

            B.  Pastoral work in the right spirit                                                       5:2a

            C.  Pastoral work with the right motive                                               5:2b

            D.  Pastoral work in the right manner                                                  5:3

            E.  Pastoral work with the right expectation                                      5:4

XII.  Clothe Yourselves with Humility                                                                5:5-7

            A.  Clothed with humility toward each other                                     5:5a

            B.  Remember a basic fact about God                                                  5:5b

            C.  Humility in accepting God’s providential dealings                      5:6

            D.  Humility in relying on God’s care                                                    5:7

XIII.  Your Adversary the Devil                                                                            5:8-9

            (12 Messages)

XIV.  The Dangers of Hot Tub Religion                                                              5:10-11

XV.   The Conclusion                                                                                              5:12-14

            *This is the true grace of God:  STAND FIRM IN IT!

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