Is there a catch-22 in love?

Many singles face conflicting desires. They clearly want a marriage relationship, but are deeply resolved not to be hurt again. The protective walls they use to avoid future pain also hinder their ability to step toward relationships that might lead to marriage.


ask-question-1-ff9bc6fa5eaa0d7667ae7a5a4c61330cMany singles feel like they’re in a kind of catch 22.

Surrounded by a culture of marriage and family makes them feel life is “on hold” until they get married.

Desire for intimate companionship and periodic feelings of loneliness are difficult. Many, however, know from experience that love is risky. 

They know that life without marriage feels empty at times, but it’s less complicated. Being single is challenging, but love involves vulnerability. Many know how bad it hurts to break up with someone they love.

 A number of years ago, I learned a lesson about how many people have been hurt by loss of love. I was the guest speaker at a large single’s conference. My theme focused on the decision of marriage. More than three hundred singles attended the conference and, unknown to me, half of them were “single again.” It quickly became apparent that many had been badly hurt…

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