When bad things happen

Bad things happen to us. Painful things. Things that crush our spirits. Things that leave wounds and scars.


Imagine God appearing to you on New Year’s Eve to tell you that nothing bad will happen to you in the coming year. A great sense of relief would come over you. Each time you felt the pull of anxiety, you could dismiss it because of God’s announcement. You’re in for a year free of sadness, disappointment, failure, pain, or any other bad thing. It will be a great year! But how much would God have to rearrange to make this happen?

I would like to live in a world where nothing bad happened to anyone. Yet, as we all know, this is not the way things go in this world. Bad things happen to all of us. And sometimes bad things happen to people we might consider to be good. Suffering and evil are harsh realities in this world.

Does God care about this?

Many feel, as one has written, that “…there has been just too much suffering…

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