Why so many names and titles?

The New Testament uses more than 100 titles for Jesus. Perhaps we need them because in Him…


We all bear names and titles based on relationships and roles in life.

My birth name is Steven. I am a son, brother, nephew, cousin, husband, father, uncle, and my newest title of distinguished honor is grandpa.

I have been called coach, Mr., Sir, Hey You, Buddy, friend, and some other nick names I won’t mention. As the second oldest of eleven children, my youngest brother (by 16 years) finally stopped calling me “sir.” I realized that to him I was an older guy who visited his home.

We use names and titles to express many different relationships and roles. But no one holds claim to as many names and titles as those ascribed to Jesus Christ.

Reflect on the names and titles for Jesus:

Advocate (1 John 2:1); Almighty (Rev. 1:8; Mt. 28:18); Alpha and Omega (Rev. 1:8; 22:13); Amen (Rev. 3:14); 
Apostle (Heb. 3:1); Atoning sacrifice…

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