How did your upbringing affect you?

Revisiting the past without guidance can easily become an occasion for emotional drugs of choice. These are emotions that we choose as reactions to the mistreatment or neglect of others. Emotions like…


Have you ever thought about how your upbringing affected you? Did you come from a healthy and stable home? Most people don’t reflect deeply on the way they’ve been affected by what I call the 18-year factor.

treat-thumbYour 18-year factor is a way of referring to your upbringing — the first 18 years of life. These are the most formative years of our lives. They shape the way we view ourselves. These years also affect the way we relate to those around us.

In my counseling experience, I’ve found that many people have not done well resolving the damage done to them during these years. The pain from the past lingers like a bad dream that won’t go away.

Homes where children grow up under the loving nurture and guidance of good parents quickly are becoming exceptions. Families with significantly dysfunctional characteristics are a new norm, and these dysfunctional homes…

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