canstock16254897Will you join with me?

An urgently needed ministry!!

Please take a moment to understand my new direction.

Special ministry focus developed over the past 20 years

I became increasingly aware that more and more people were carrying unresolved issues from their childhood. I began to refer to those years as the 18 Year Factor.

The 18-Year Factor is an engaging way of pointing people to the first 18 years of life — the most formative and impressionable years of our lives.

As I continued to understand the lingering and damaging effects of childhood adversity, another study began to gain significant influence – ACE research (Adverse Childhood Experiences). This study offered groundbreaking insights – particularly regarding health issues stemming from childhood trauma. This study is now a required part of the preparation in education, medicine, and counseling. Most states in the USA are also committing themselves to be trauma-informed states regarding adverse childhood experiences.

Former President of the American Academy of Pediatrics stated that “Adverse childhood experiences are the single greatest unaddressed public health threat facing our nation today” (Dr. Robert Block, the).

Our 18-year factor forms a template for the way we think, how we feel, and how we act — especially in adult relationships. We all benefit from looking more closely at our upbringing — no matter what kind of home we experienced.

Christian leaders and counselors are often guilty of ignoring or naively overlooking issues regarding adverse childhood difficulties. Discipleship training in Christian living tended to be one-dimensional on the spiritual part of life. This deficiency seemed to entertain the mistaken notion that being a new creation in Christ involved God hitting a clear button regarding our past.

Secular approaches, on the other hand, seemed carelessly dismissive of the spiritual dimension of life. They tend to tip a hat toward spiritual expressions as if they were unnecessary unless one found them helpful. God made us physical, social, psychological, and spiritual beings – with three dimensions of personhood: emotion, intellect, and will. We must not disrespect any aspect when helping others.


After almost 20 years of speaking and counseling on the subject, I finally wrote my book “The 18-Year Factor – How our upbringing affects our lives & relationships” (available on Amazon).

My book consists of 13 chapters to fit a quarterly study. Each chapter concludes with discussion points and engages gripping real-life stories from my work. I wrote it with the hope that readers could not get through two pages without wanting to highlight or underline something helpful and insightful.

I wrote the 18-year factor by applying my years of experience to the latest findings in the field of psychology. I aim to reach the broadest possible audience and to encourage public school teachers, counselors, and social workers who are required to understand ACE research (Adverse Childhood Experiences).

At the end of my book, I focus on restoring the whole person, where I address the spiritual dimension of restoration and explain why I chose Christianity as the most realistic and plausible understanding of spirituality.

A story behind your story

Most people recall positive and negative experiences from their upbringing. You are now an exception to a new rule if you had an overall healthy 18-year factor. Yet, whatever the case, it remains beneficial to look more closely at the influences that shaped the way you see yourself and relate to others.

This benefit is especially real for those who are married or planning to marry. Marriage is one of the primary places where 18-year-factor issues emerge. Differences in upbringings are a familiar source of disagreements. We are wise to engage in conversations about these differences before conflicts arise. These conversations should be required parts of preparation for marriage.

The way we communicate, resolve conflict, process anger, and many other essential parts of life arise from influences during our 18-year Factor.

Exploring the 18-year Factor takes us on a journey back. This journey allows us to look closely at how the people, circumstances, and experiences of our past affect our lives and relationships.


I am available for speaking at conferences, training seminars, workshops, or churches.


I need a support team who will be the STARTERS of this exciting opportunity.

Steve Cornell, The 18 Year Factor (LLC)


The 18 Year Factor
Box 118,
Millersville, Pa. 17551

I need a group of starters.

Will you be part? Contact me at 18yearfactor@gmail.com

If 100 starters help me @ $25.00 per month, this ministry can launch.

Thank you,

Steve Cornell.

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