Just let me die

Suicide calls are up during Covid 19. Headline news. Many Americans feel lonely, anxious, and depressed during coronavirus pandemic.

It might surprise you to know how many people just want to die.


Is death the solution to our troubles? Sometimmes I am tempted to think about it this way. 
It might surprise you to know how many people just want to die.
This life is tough and can send us into a state of despair.
You’re not alone if you’ve been despondent to the point of wanting to die. I’ve been battled this feeling! 

Consider four people in Scripture who wanted to die:

1. Moses  (Numbers 11:13-15)

Wearied by the tough assignment of leading the children of Israel, Moses asked God to put him out of his miseries, to perform (so to speak) what Moses saw as a mercy killing. 

“Where am I supposed to get meat for all these people? They keep whining to me, saying, ‘Give us meat to eat!’ I can’t carry all these people by myself! The load is far too heavy! If this is how…

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1 Response to Just let me die

  1. Yes, this is a very interesting and timely topic. We were just discussing this, AGAIN, today. Mary Ann struggles with so many things, and yet, so do I. I just do not talk about it with her. Like other leaders, I choose to stand alone, at my own peril. And so, to reduce that threat, I have now chosen to talk to a couple of trusted male accountability partners.

    In the past 6 years, life has taken several sudden turns, throwing me out of the drivers’ seat, so to speak,. And then when I planned for life after her demise, she didn’t. And now, I have committed to actions that have buried me financially.

    And yet, God is good and bears me up and while I even wonder why I am still here, I stay my actions and allow God to speak into my life, knowing that I have a legacy that is not fully constructed. A life shortened by suspicious circumstances will cause my whole life’s purpose and my God to be called into question. And those types of actions are ALWAYS suspicious.

    So, I do not know if I am more afraid of; meeting my Maker and having to explain or at disappointing those I have left behind and permanently altering the trajectory of their lives.

    We both have lots to live for, even though we have fallen short. We serve a Risen Saviour, who advocates before the Father in His Court. He truly has purchased us and He calls us back to Himself.

    As a point of recollection, YOU KNOW ME. I am the ‘community service’ who sealed the wooden railings on the double-wide modular back in, 2002 or 2003. And if you dig deeper, you will recall so much more about me. And look what God has done.

    And you are younger, more talented and God is not finished with you. So don’t you quit. Many of us love and care for you and your family. Turn Back, Repent, Be Still, Focus…on Him.

    I respect your personal space, but do not get lost. You may reach out to me at anytime, though I turn the phone off at night.

    Just one of the sheep,

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