Begin early the process of dying

Is it wise to begin early the process of dying? Should it be part of the maturing process as a follower of Christ? How can we be ready for the end of our journey on earth?


sunrise-c.jpgWe (in most western cultures) are more insulated from suffering and death than any previous people (and we like it that way).

Aging parents are no longer completing their final days in our homes. We visit our elderly in convalescent facilities and hospitals We prefer not to allow the realities of suffering and death to be part of the ongoing experience of life.

Previous generations welcomed aging parents into their homes to finish their time on earth. This came with hardships and sacrifices, but it also educated young people in what earlier generations called, “The art of dying well.”

It’s one thing to teach loved ones how to live well; another, to teach them how to die.

A wise teacher once said, “Death is the destiny of every person and the living should take this to heart” (Ecclesiastes 7:2).

We cannot deny or escape the universal truth “From dust we…

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