Why do people refuse to believe?

Why do people refuse to believe?



A number of years ago, I spoke on the theme of unbelief at a conference for church leaders.  I asked the question, “Why do people refuse to believe the gospel?”  

We explored the issue from four perspectives:

  1. Theological (the work of theologians): creation, the fall and redemption.
  2. Epistemological (the work of philosophers and apologists): cognitive issues and the noetic effects of sin.
  3. Missiological (the work of missiologists): evangelistic and cultural issues.
  4. Practical (the work of pastors): dealing with barriers like ego and sinful lifestyles.

We also discussed the psychology of atheism. In psychology classes at the university, consideration will often be given to the psychology of theism. What is the psychological wiring of these people who feel the need to believe in a god? I reverse this and ask what it is that leads atheists to believe there is no God. What is the psychology of…

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