Verbal abuse and appearance bullying

  • Were you verbally abused as a child?
  • Were you the object of appearance bullying?
  • Do you know anyone who had these experiences?

Consider ways that these abuses cast a long shadow over adult life and disrupt relationships. Don’t miss the solution. It is widely overlooked and entirely unexpected.

Those who were verbally abused or subjected to appearance bullying as children often become adults who deflect constructive criticism.

They don’t like to admit to wrongs. They find it difficult to apologize and rarely ask for forgiveness.

Sadly, to help them feel better about themselves, they often tend to have clear eyes for the flaws of others.

There might be a story behind the story when people are comfortable talking about the wrongs of others but become defensive toward those who suggest they’re wrong (no matter how nicely suggested).

A form of resentment is often behind these issues, as well as a feeling of self-justification because of the damage they endured.

This result of childhood abuse is difficult to dislodge from a person’s life. It’s cemented to a reactionary and wrongful kind of pride used to coverup deep-seated insecurities. It serves as a deflective mechanism to avoid the unbearable thought of flaws.

A reason that the logical connection between childhood abuse and this kind of adult behavior is difficult to conquer is that it involves the acceptance of a negative assessment.

Painful surgery is necessary to remove this damage and, as I say in my book, “the first cut is the deepest.” The solution is found in an unexpected place.

Learn more about this “first cut” solution in chapter 12 of my book. Purchase a copy here


The 18-year Factor is a way of referring to the first 18 years of life. We can all benefit from looking more closely at them – no matter what kind of upbringing we experienced. This book is an invitation to look back and understand how your upbringing affects your life and relationships. The capt…

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