Some worship their past and their pain

images-99“You were placed in this beautiful theatre to act out your part as stewards of the earth and worshipers of God. And your great failing, the one that century after century raises up walls between the Loving one and His creatures, is the yearning to worship someone else, something else, anything else but the One who merits worship.

And some worship their past and their pain, paying hourly homage to it, kneeling before it, offering up their fractured heart on it, singing hymns to their hurt. Their pain becomes a temple ‘round itself, and they become devotees of anguish. They forget that some of the sweetest anthems ever sung have poured out of those whose hearts were spent. They forget that joy comes sometimes slowly, but eventually, inevitably, for those who love Almighty God more than their all-consuming afflictions.” Stephen Lang

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