14 questions about prayer


  1. Are there prayers that should not be prayed?  (James 4:13-18 “If”)
  2. Are all prayers answered with “yes,” “no,” or “wait”?
  3. What about Job’s experience? Did he get  “yes,” “no,” or “wait”?
  4. How should we persevere in prayer? (Luke 18)
  5. Does God get blamed for things He does not do? James 1:13-18 – Temptation? Crusades? Slavery?
  6. Is God praised by people for things He does not do?
  7. Do we understand why someone struggles with the place of prayer after losing a loved one for whom he prayed for healing? Or, why he struggles with testimonies about God’s interventions in seemingly insignificant areas?
  8. We know God is personal and cares about the details of our lives (Psalm 139), but do some people approach God wrongly as a divine bellhop or a traveling psychiatrist?
  9. Why do people make wrong applications of Psalm 37:4 – “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart”?
  10. How should prayers like “Our Father….” inform our approach to prayer?
  11. What should we say to children who pray for sunshine for an outing?
  12. How do we guide a son who prays to do well on an exam without studying for it?
  13. Should a parent pray for his son to hit a home run in little league?
  14. Is it approriate to pray during a golf game for a nice drive as we tee up?

Seasoned words about prayer:

“As young Christians, enthusiastic about our new found faith, we burble before the Lord about our lives in the way in which young children burble to their parents about all the things they see going on around them.  But later we become less certain that such burbling alone is the essence of prayer.  As children growing in their relationship with their parents cannot happily revert to babbling ways of communication, so we reach out for a more mature and reverent prayer style, and we become less and less happy about the way we actually pray.  We feel we are trudging along in a marsh, getting muddy and messed up while going nowhere.  We make requests to God and then we wonder whether they made any difference.  We ask ourselves, Is God answering my prayers?  If not, why not?  If he is, how is he doing it, because what’s happening isn’t quite what I asked for?  Did I ask wrongly then? The winter of our discontent at our experience of prayer seems to go on forever.” (from: “Praying: Finding Our Way Through Duty to Delight,” J. I. Packer)

For further help: Prayer 

Let the conversation begin…

Steve Cornell

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1 Response to 14 questions about prayer

  1. LWolfe says:

    Thanks for these probing questions about prayer. Most of the time, I confess I’m a “burbler.” This convicts me to be more reverent.

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