Looking back to move ahead


1. True or false? – Most people understand that their upbringing affects their lives. True.
2. True or false? – Most people understand how (and how much) their upbringing affects their lives. False.
Four common reactions to a painful past
1. Ignoring the past
2. Denying the past
3. Accepting the past (in a self-defeated way)
4. Perpetuating the past
Unkind things others say
• “Just move on.” That sounds too simple.
• “Forget the past.” It doesn’t seem to work that way.
• “Get over it.” You’re not sure how.
• “How long are you going to wallow in it?”
Traumatic experiences like the loss of a parent or sibling, the divorce of your parents or sexual abuse are life-altering. Families with severe dysfunctions are equally damaging to children. Children are significantly affected when they live under an alcoholic parent or in an atmosphere of physical or emotional abuse. Emotionally aloof parents who withhold affirmation and acceptance also leave profound deficits in the lives of their children.
It’s not uncommon for men to battle issues related to their father-son relationship. Women are equally vulnerable to future instability when their fathers withhold affection and affirmation. Some battle feelings of inadequacy and a continual sense that something important is missing. Others struggle with anxiety, low self-esteem, and depression.
If you identify with these experiences, your life has been deeply affected — usually beyond what you realize.
Sometimes we need to look back so that we can move ahead. Yet it’s unwise to do this alone. My book offers a guided look back that will help you break the hold of the past and move to a better future.
Oder your copy today here!
Steve Cornell

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