Reluctant historians respond

2c80b-newyear2013goalsandresolutionsIn my book I challenge men not to be reluctant historians of their emotional past. So you can understand how encouraged I was to read the following reviews by three men:
1. I had been hearing that Steve was writing this book for a long time and it was well worth the wait. Regardless of whether we had a pleasant childhood or a horrible one we all carry baggage from our past that negatively effects our lives and usually without us being aware of it. Steve addresses possible root causes of problems and gives real guidance on how to achieve freedom from our past without psychobabble or being preachy. Highly recommended.
Brian D.
2. This was an awesome book that’s a must-read, especially for anyone looking to get married or that’s married already. It’s chock full of stories and examples of how our most formative years of upbringing impact our lives and relationships well beyond our “18 year factor.”
Adam M
3. As someone who comes from what the author would describe as a “good family”, I appreciated the insight on how events during the most formative years of life play out in adulthood. I will certainly look back to many of Steve’s observations and proposed ‘detox’ techniques when giving counsel to others. As an active-duty military parent of pre-teens, the chapters on significant childhood disruptions gave me pause and forced me to evaluate the role my life choices are playing in my childrens’ 18-year factor. A worthwhile read for those with a dysfunctional past as well as anyone who interacts with people in our modern society.
Brandon C.
Thank you men!
Steve Cornell
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