Lisa’s Story: A quiet domineering father

“I had a father who was very domineering in a quiet, controlled sort of way. He never hit us and very rarely yelled, but he would sit us down for lectures for hours during which we weren’t allowed to speak, cry, or move a muscle. I learned early on how to turn myself off and wait it out because there wasn’t any chance of changing anything.”

“A lot of times he would have it wrong, or what he thought happened really didn’t, but it didn’t matter; we could never defend or explain, only sit and listen.”

“He was often quiet, but a stern look or gesture from him conveyed so much danger to me. I was always afraid of setting him off—even though he never hit us or anything like that. It seems difficult to understand how someone can rule with fear without actually doing anything. But I lived in fear of him.”

Read the rest of her story (and many other stories) in “The 18-Year Factor: How Our Upbringing Affects Our Lives and Relationships.”


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