Breaking the Cycle of Divorce

“To say I was a mess growing up,” he wrote, “would be putting it mildly. As a young boy and then a teen, I longed for my dad’s presence in my life. I was painfully aware –especially in my high school years—that other guys had dads who played catch with them, helped them with their homework, attended ball games to cheer them on, and then took them out for burgers afterward. ”


Care-Ministry-Logo-FOR-WEBMarriage has fallen on hard times.

The number of marriages in crisis is overwhelming. Yet we can’t afford to give up on marriage. 

In his book, “The Four Seasons of Marriage” Dr. Gary Chapman observes that “…marriage between a man and a woman is the central, social building block in every human society, without exception.” 

Quoting a recent poll of never-married singles ages twenty to thirty, Chapman wrote, “eighty-seven percent planned to marry only once.” Many of these singles want a lifelong marriage because they had a front row seat to their parents divorce.

Yet it’s not easy to break the cycle of divorce.

In his helpful book, “Breaking the Cycle of Divorce: How your marriage can succeed even if your parents’ didn’t,” Dr. John Trent suggested that adult children of divorce (ACOD) face daunting challenges in both life and marriage.

“Statistically, studies…

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