A therapeutic gospel

What’s the difference between a therapeutic gospel and the true gospel?
Is your Church calling people to come to Jesus in a way consistent with the way our Lord called people to follow Him?


When you hear a pastor invite people to come to Jesus, listen carefully to the emphasis on what Jesus will do for the person who comes to him. 

A subtle but dangerous distortion of the gospel has become popular in many Churches.

A growing number of pastors are inviting people to come to Jesus on terms that are not consistent with our Lord’s own invitations to follow him.

They are offering a gospel focused on the felt needs and expectations of a self-centered culture. It’s a gospel that misleads you to think you can come to Christ and remain at the center of life. 

A therapeutic gospel leaves one with the distinct impression that, “Jesus and the church exist to make you feel loved, significant, validated, entertained, and charged up. This gospel ameliorates distressing symptoms. It makes you feel better. The logic of this therapeutic gospel is a jesus-for-Me who…

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