7 consequences in the fall of humanity

There is a remarkably clear and compelling connection with this account and the reality we all understand – everywhere in the world, throughout all of human history.


  • How did we get in the mess we're in? The one who changes his beliefs is likely preparing to change the way he lives.

This is what happened when humans originally rejected their Creator’s will.

It began with a subtle offer of a competing truth-claim, with a different way of seeing life and God.

The offer was made by a being later identified as “Satan.” He offered the first woman an alternate way of looking at reality. Before this offer, her understanding was based on the way her Maker explained it. Satan, however, offered a different way of looking at the way life works. He offered a different version of what would happen if she abandoned the will of her Creator.

God made very clear the way it would go if she rejected His will. God spoke and brought life and order. Satan spoke about brought death and disorder. But Satan doesn’t package it this way. He is called…

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