Plank eye disease

Are you suffering from a case of plank eye disease?



Are you quick to see (and talk about) ways others fail to measure while overlooking failures and sins in your own life and family?

A survey of 20 somethings indicates that 9 out of 10 think of Christians as judgmental. Although surveys like this are often inaccurate (and a result of cultural aversions to truth), the perception is widespread.

Jesus’ warning against judging must be heard often in the Church.

But what did Jesus mean when he said, “Judge not, lest you be judged.” These are among the most well-known words of Jesus.

Some use these words to keep people from making moral judgments about others. Others use them to excuse themselves from making judgments. “Who am I to judge?” they ask. “After all, Jesus did say, ‘Judge not…’” 

So what did Jesus mean? Was he advocating a mind your own business policy? Was he forbidding all judgments about the actions of…

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