We need a larger vision

Here I offer God’s plan for humanity in a five point outline. As we understand the flow and connection of all five, we’ll be able to think more clearly and deeply about God’s amazing grace toward humanity. We’ll be better equipped to talk intelligently about our faith with those who do not yet believe.


There are plenty of cynics and late night comedians who enjoy denigrating Christianity. Most of them, however, demonstrate a limited and distorted understanding of the faith. They work off of bits and pieces of knowledge about what it means to be a Christian.  

Disconnected pieces of  knowledge most often give an inaccurate picture of the faith. A lot of information circulating about the faith actually distorts and misrepresents what Christians believe. 

It’s perhaps more important than ever before to provide people with a simple yet comprehensive picture of God’s plan for humanity. When answering specific questions from unbelievers, we should always try to place our answers into the larger frame of reference like the one I provide in the five point outline. 

It is perhaps equally accurate to say that most Christians only possess scattered and superficial understanding of their faith. We must learn to think more coherently about what…

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