When you feel like getting revenge

Seven responses when you feel like getting revenge.

  1. Recognize God’s place as judge (Romans 12:17-21; Gen.18:1-11; 50:14-20; Acts17; I Pet.2:22-23).
  2. Remember Jesus’ example (I Pet.2:22-23; Heb.12:1-4; Phil.2:5-11. Revisit his arrest, trial and crucifixion). (cf. I Corinthians 9:12).
  3. Refuse to multiply evil (Romans12:17-21).
  4. Return a blessing instead (Prov.25:21; Mt. 5:44; Ro.12:20; Prov.24:29).
  5. Respect God-ordained authority (Rom.13:3-4; Eph. 6:1; I Pet. 2:13-14).
  6. Recall God’s forgiveness of your sin (Eph. 4:31-32; Titus 3:1-5).
  7. Reflect the mercy of your merciful Father in heaven (Luke 6:35-36)

Steve Cornell

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2 Responses to When you feel like getting revenge

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    1. Do you carry unresolved resentments?
    2. Who do you resent? Any names come to mind?
    3. What do you resent? Circumstances: past or present?

    Finish these sentences…

    I really resent the fact that ______________________
    I struggle with resentment toward ______________________

    Possible sources: 1. Circumstances 2. People 3. God

    Q. Is it possible to carry deep resentment and be unaware of the power it holds over you?

    Consider seven ways to respond…


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